About Me

Derek Khaothong is a junior user experience specialist based in the SF Bay Area.


Let’s Get Personal.

Hi, I’m Derek Khaothong. My last name means ‘Golden Mountain’ in Thai. I was born and raised in the Bay Area, where I currently reside today. I studied cognitive science at the University of California, Los Angeles because I’m passionate about learning how we think, learn, and organize information.

I explore the fields of visual design, technology, and behavioral science to apply an interdisciplinary perspective when I design and research experiences. I take pride in learning about others’ stories and being a lifelong learner.

I’m currently at Medallurgy UX on a project-based basis as a user research assistant. My biggest interest within design currently is learning how to seamlessly integrate software and hardware in a multi-screen experience, at scale. Right now, I’m reading Conversational Design by Erika Hall.

Outside of UX, you can find me noodling on my guitar, cooking up tasty meals in the kitchen with others, and hiking in the Bay Area.

Let’s Chat.

I’d love to talk: new opportunities, my experiences as a first-generation college graduate, or my journey into UX.

Shoot me an e-mail and let’s talk!

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