Partner Marketplace

UX Research | Project Brief

Developing a partner marketplace to accelerate growth through strategic business partnerships.

  • Project Type: Contract Project
  • Project Duration: Three Months
  • Role: User Researcher
  • Client: Fortune 500 company via Medallurgy UX
  • Tools: InVision, Recording Software, Excel, Google Sheets, Transcription Tool


Due to a nondisclosure agreement, many details of the project have been left out. Contact me for further discussion.

The Problem

Partner marketplaces allow partners to promote applications, services, and solutions to drive business growth. Specifically, they allow partners to generate sales leads, create offerings, and market solutions to enterprise customers.

We worked with the client and another design agency in a collaborative setting to build, test, and validate desktop designs of the partner marketplace.

My role within the team involved conducting usability test sessions, creating research material, analyzing the data into actionable insights, and making design recommendations.

The Approach

The partner marketplace was designed in different batches of fidelity. We played a key role in testing the different batches and communicating what aspects of the design worked/didn’t throughout these multiple stages. Overall, I interviewed roughly 18 users during this process and made key design reccommendations that were implemented by designers.



  • Guided changes to visual design
  • Guided key improvements to user comprehension
  • Enhanced global and subsequent navigation tiers

What I Learned

  • Document all of your info : Organizing ideas from brainstorming sessions and meeting notes allowed me to revisit ideas that were conceived from earlier parts of the process but forgotten. They may prove to be viable solutions in the future.
  • If the question can drive a change to the product, ask the question : Whether it’s during a usability test session with a respondent or a meeting with a stakeholder, these spontaneous questions can have enormous value into further understanding areas to assess.